A6 Outdoor

» Spiral staircase hot dip galvanized for exteriors
» Stamped step in metal sheet, flat or drilled
» Railing with tubular vertical posts d.20 mm
» Tubular iron handrail d.42 calendered
» Feasible from diameter 100 up to 250 cm




Cast exterior spiral staircase

Exterior spiral staircase of the Elegance Collection, A6 Outdoor model by Cast Stairs.

The exterior spiral staircase belonging to the Elegance collection by Cast Stairs, a convenient staircase that furnishes with style.

The staircase model A6 outdoor is round base spiral staircase for external installations.

The hot-dip galvanized, treatment that gives resistance to atmospheric and climatic interventions therefore giving longer lasting time to components and materials.

The step is in stamped metal sheet, with non skid drillings.

Railing is composed by tubular vertical posts d.20 mm fixed on the step and welded to the handrail in iron, d.42 mm as well hot-dip galvanized.

Handrail comes ready to fix and facilitates installation.

Diameters available from 100 up to 250 cm to respond to many space requirements. From diameter 180 cm steps are supplied with a reinforcing support.

A6 outdoor can be installed in either private and industrial locations.

With an extra price it can be supplied with a sand blasting treatment and painting in the standard colors.

Elegance Collection

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